1. A valid health card is required for all OHIP visits.
    2. There is specific documentation required for your condition and for your assessment (for the physician), thus we appreciate your cooperation in completing your intake forms and keeping your medications up to date. Please keep an updated list of your medications at all times.
    3. Arrival: check-in with the front desk at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to prepare for your check-up.
    4. Wait times: Our goal is to do everything in our power to value your time and ensure that you do not wait too long for your appointment. However, emergencies can happen. Some patients are sicker than others and may require extra time. Please understand that if your appointment is delayed it is for a valid reason and not because we overbook the clinic. Your understanding and your patience is always greatly appreciated.
    5. Late Arrivals: Our scheduling is designed to permit the amount of time to complete your check-up. A late arrival will deprive you of treatment time. If you are not able to be on time, we will do our best to complete as much of your treatment as possible. However, if you are >15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be considered a “no show”. We will rebook you to the next available date and time. We do also understand at times that arriving late is not within your control (eg. Traffic, etc) and we will factor that in.
    6. Cancellations: Your scheduled appointment is reserved exclusively for you. Given the high volume of demand for a clinic appointment in our office, should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us 72 hrs (3 business days) in advance to avoid losing one of your treatments/visits. If you have a Monday appointment, cancellations must occur Wednesday the week before so as to accommodate other patients in that slot. If you have a condition that requires specific monitoring per standard practice guidelines/best practices and/or the safety/efficacy medications (eg. bloodwork/other), it may be necessary for us to rebook you at specific intervals and you will receive a call for rebooking at a specified interval. Cancellations without sufficient notice will be subject to a charge of $50.
    7. No Shows. Please be reminded when you do not show up and do not cancel your appointment, it affects others’ health and our clinic schedules. Urgent patients could have been brought in during a cancelled appointment. As such, no shows are subject to a fee of $50.
    8. Extra Time for Clinic Appointment. If you require special assistance or interpretation at your visit, please let our office know in advance of your visit so we can help facilitate your experience. It is always best to bring a family member or friend to interpret if English is not your first language as opposed to us finding an interpreter because the interpreter will not know you as well. However, if you do not have anyone to interpret, we can provide this to you if you let us know at least a week in advance of your appointment. If you are taking WheelTrans to your visit, please let us know in advance when your pick-up time is so we can have you ready.
    9. Cancellation/Urgent List. We keep a list of patients who call for urgent flare of their condition and/or need an injection/specific treatment. We do our best to ensure we provide an appointment within 2 weeks depending on the urgency of the situation and availability. If you are not feeling well and not sure where you fit, please request an earlier appointment than the one you have scheduled. Do not feel the need to wait until your regular appointment if you are unwell; we will help work with you to figure out the best next step.
    10. Referrals to specialists. If you wish for an earlier appointment, then it is best if you call their office directly for openings/cancellations and/or discuss the need for another referral option with your family doctor. We have no control over another office’s procedures and triage of referrals.


  1. Prescription Refills. All prescription repeats will be provided at your clinic visit with enough refills till your next appointment. However, in case of shortage of your medications, you can request your pharmacy fax or email us a prescription refill request. If you require additional prescriptions, there is a charge of $25 as this is a service not covered by OHIP. We accept debit/credit payments over the phone. We can only provide a refill if your file has the necessary updated information (recent bloodwork and/or visits). Our clinic will inform you if a clinic appointment is required prior to a prescription completion. We will advise the pharmacy directly if we cannot refill the request for any of the above reasons.
  2. Narcotics and controlled substances are prescribed at the sole discretion of the physician and should be typically started and/or continued by your GP or pain specialist.

Use of Patient-Office Email
  1. No medical advice will be provided by email and we will not respond to any detailed medical questions.
  2. We are now able to offer the use of email for administrative matters only [confirming appointments, sending requisitions, forms/notes]. Do NOT email if you feel you have an urgent question or require time-sensitive responses as emails can get lost and/or not have a context to them. In the case of an urgent/emergent concern, go to your nearest walk-in clinic, go to your family doctor, or to your nearest emergency room depending on the urgency.
    Please note that emails can get lost and if you do not receive a timely response in 48 hrs, then please follow-up by phone. Emails do not substitute for clinical exams or visits.

Uninsured Services
  1. Specific charges will be explained and invoiced upon need/request.

Click here to see the OMA non-OHIP covered services price list


  1. Triage of Lab or Imaging results. It is not possible to call all of our patients for all results. Please use your appointments to discuss your results or you may get calls from our office to either repeat a test or come in earlier to discuss a result. You will not be contacted if your lab results or imaging results do not reveal any changes that require change in therapy or monitoring. Minor fluctuations in specific lab tests can occur. You will occasionally be notified to redo a lab test without specific explanation at a specified interval and this is because of a very minor laboratory abnormality that may be expected to reverse and needs periodic monitoring but not sufficient to warrant any other action. Please rest assured it is our job to monitor your health and take this very seriously.
  2. If you would like copies of your bloodwork, you can check with your laboratory to see if they have an online system (LifeLabs eg) and sign up for copies of your bloodwork. Since we are paperless in this office, there is a fee for copies of specific results.